Local History

A short history of the park

In 1899, sixty acres of land was purchased by Lansing J. Dawdy, an Illinois veteran of the battle, near the Dead Angle, the buldge in the Confederate lines where 500 men from the state of Illinois died during The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. The year of 1904 saw the property transferred to the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Association. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the battle, 1914, the organization erected a monument dedicated to the Illinois soldiers.

However, the association was unable to restore the battlefield as planned, and transferred ownership of the property to the federal government in 1916 followed by the War Department taking over management of the land in 1917.

That same year, the Congress authorized the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield site. During the 1930's a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp was established near Pigeon Hill, still a large open field just off one of the park service roads. Workers from this camp were responsible for many of the improvements in the park, including many of the hiking trails. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield was transferred to the Department of the Interior as a unit of the National Park System in 1933. The park itself was not formed until 1935. The elevation of Kennesaw Mountain is 1808 feet above sea level. While hiking up to the top, an elevation of 708 feet is gained in the short 1.2 miles.

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

History of the battle at Wikipedia
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GSU Honors College presentation

This is a good overview of the National Park and the battle fought there.
April 2, 2013 Presentation at GSU Honors College

Cannon Demonstration videos
Kennesaw Mountain Cannon Demonstration video

Three part Cannon Demonstration video featuring Willie Johnson the NPS park historian.
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Cannon Demonstration - Part 1
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Cannon Demonstration - Part 2
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Cannon Demonstration - Part 3

150 Years Ago: Events by date from 1861
Month by month history provided by Jay Haney, club Historian

Run up to the Civil War January 1861
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Events January 1865
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Here is a new web site a GPS project by Tom Bartol, one of our Trail Ambassadors, a project authorized by the National Park Service. Great pictures of the historical markers in the park and their GPS locations. The best accumulation of the markers that we have seen.   
Markers of Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield

Black History Month 2013

Black History Month Presentation

Civil War Round Table of Cobb County

learn about this new group and its activities at http://civilwarroundtables.com/gacobb/. Then join up.

The Civil War Roundtable of Cobb County was formed in 2011.

We are a membership organization open to the public. We encourage the study, analysis and appreciation of the events, personalities, records and publications associated with the American Civil War.

We strive to provide anyone with an interest in The War Between The States the opportunity to meet regularly to study, discuss and learn about the war that shaped our nation, and to honor the men and women of the Civil War Era, and the sacrifices they made.

It is, furthermore, the mission of this Roundtable to educate the public about the urgent need for the preservation of battlefields, monuments, and Civil War sites.”

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain documented on Wikipedia


The Civil War Picket

Civil War news, events, locations, sesquicentennial and photos.