Maps & Hiking Tips

This section contains the various maps of the park and the hiking trails. We have both topo maps and regular maps in PDF form that you can use to print your own maps for use in hiking the trails. We will be expanding this section to add more information including various trail distance tables and describe various loop trails.
Below is a list of maps that will open in another browser tab.

Official NPS park map

Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club map

The following three maps(Feb 2015) have been provided to us and the park by Larry Knight, they can be printed on standard paper. These are full resolution, non-compressed (JPEG 2000 lossless quality) and may take a few seconds to load on your laptop/tablet/etc. Note that they have a copy write, lower left side.

Northern park section | Central park section | Southern park section

Blank Trail Report You can print a copy of this, use it to report trail issues.

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Trail Distance in miles

East Trail

West Trail

Trail Name
Trail Rating
Trail Rating
Visitor Center to Mountain Top

Moderate - Strenuous
Visitor Center to Burnt Hickory Road
Easy - Moderate
Moderate - Strenuous
Burnt Hickory to Dallas Hwy.
Easy - Moderate
Easy - Moderate
Dallas Hwy to Cheatham Hill lot
Easy - Moderate
Easy - Moderate
Cheatham Hill to Kolb Farm
Easy - Moderate
Easy - Moderate
24 Gun Trail
Easy - Moderate

Loop Trails (using both East & West trails)

Vistor Center to Mountain Top 2.0
Vistor Center to Pigeon Hill 5.4
Visitor Center to Cheatham Hill 10.2
Visitor Center to Kolb Farm 16.2
Burnt Hickory to Dallas Hwy 3.7
Cheatham Hill to Kolb Farm 5.5

Official list of trail names and trail locations

Trail Name Trail Location
Environmental Trail Off of the Visitor Center Picnic Area
Kennesaw Mountain Trail Visitor Center over Mountain top to Kennesaw Mountain Dr.
Rifle Pit Trail Visitor Center to fire road (left side of Kennesaw Mtn Trail)
Little Kennesaw Mountain Trail Off of Kennesaw Mountain Dr. to Little Kennesaw Mountain to Camp Brumby Trail; connects north of Pigeon Hill
French's Rock South of Little Kennesaw Mountain
Pigeon Hill Trail Little Kennesaw Mountain Trail to the Burnt Hickory Rd./Old Mountain Intersection
Pigeon Hill Cut-off Pigeon Hill Trail to Camp Brumby Trail, south of Pigeon Hill
Visitor Center Cut-off Behind the Visitor Center to Camp Brumby Cut-off
Camp Brumby Cut-off Link Kennesaw Mountain Trail to Camp Brumby Trail Camp Brumby Trail to Kennesaw Ave.
Camp Brumby Loop Circles the Camp Brumby ruins
Camp Brumby Trail Camp Brumby Cut-off to Burnt Hickory Rd.; formally the East or Base Trail
Noses Creek Trail Burnt Hickory Rd. Parking Lot south to the Noses Creek Bridge
New Salem Church Trail South of Burnt Hickory Rd. to Noses Creek Trail
Hardage Mill Trail Noses Creek Trail, north of intersection with New Salem Church Trail to Whitlock Ave.
Noses Creek Service Road Southeast of the Noses Creek Bridge
Cease Fire Trail Whitlock Ave. at Cheatham Hill Dr. entrance to Kolb's farm Connector
Old John Ward Road Trail Dallas Highway south to Cheatham Hill Rd. Parking Lot
Old John Ward Connector Cease Fire Trail to Old John Ward Trail
Monument Trail Cheatham Hill Parking Lot to the Illinois Monument
Unknown Soldier Trail Behind the Illinois Monument to Kolb's Farm Connector
Kolb's Farm East Trail Cheatham Hill Rd./Powder Springs Rd. Intersection to Cheatham Hill Parking Lot
Kolb's Farm Connector Cheatham Hill Rd. Parking Lot to the Kolb's Farm East Trail; crossing Activity Field #3
Kolb's Farm West Trail Cheatham Hill Rd. Parking Lot to Cheatham Hill Rd./Powder Springs Rd. Intersection

Full Park

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Southern End

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Nothern End

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