Become a Kennesaw Mountain Trail Helper !

By joining our special Trail Helpers e-mail list you will stay up-to-date on all trail activities and occasional park announcements.
Trail Helpers are special volunteers who support the Park in either of two ways:

  • Special Projects Team -- e-mails will include opportunities to work with the Trail Club on projects outside our normal monthly 2nd Sat. work day.  Sometimes high priority items can not wait until the next monthly workday.  These projects are usually smaller in scale -- suited to groups of 8 -12 people.  With over 20 miles of trails there are plenty of maintenance projects going on.

  • Eyes & Ears program -- Trail Helpers can be valuable eyes & ears to monitor trails and report bad conditions, fallen trees, vandalism, etc. directly to the Trail Club at
If you'd like to help the park by becoming a Trail Helper, please send an e-mail to with your full name & age (and any thing else you'd like us to know) and your request to be added to the Trail Helper program.

Send us all events and updates you want to share with the community